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Phelios Games, page 1

Abracadabra Games Downloads image small


Whip up some arcade magic!
Androkids Games Downloads image small


Hey AndroKids! It's up to you. Help save the beautiful Princess from Notebook City's big, bad Scribble King!
Drip Drop Games Downloads image small

Drip Drop

Call the plumber, quick! There's a leak somewhere, hear it?
Doulber Gold Games Downloads image small

Doulber Gold

In a world filled with monster guards, menacing bats, crushing boulders, blazing lava and a labyrinth of caves ... !
Energy Games Downloads image small


Get the ball rolling and grab some Energy!
Frenesia Games Downloads image small


Frenesia is a fun and addictive retro arcade Shoot em Up game!
Lua Lua Games Downloads image small

Lua Lua

Prepare your little ones to feel like the VIPs they are, when playing Lua Lua games!
Swap Games Downloads image small


Play Swap FOREVER or for 60 seconds-or something in between!
Bongo Boogie Games Downloads image small

Bongo Boogie

Brace yourself for your next addiction: Bongo Boogie!
Helix Games Downloads image small


Helix is side scrolling arcade fun provided to you right at your computer!
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