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Arch Wing Game

Arch Wing is a fast paced, full blown action shooter in which reaction and skill are of paramount importance!

In the not so far away future crime has become a major problem, every prison is over crowded, full to the brim with the lowest scum in the universe. The situation almost reached crisis point before a new form of punishment was introduced - The Gauntlet. The Gauntlet is a deadly game in which the prisoner must fly at high speeds through three worm holes, combating hundreds of enemy fighter ships. If they make it to the end alive, they gain freedom, if they lose they die. It is televised all over the galaxy and viewed by paying hardcore action junkies. You have recently been sentenced to run the Gauntlet - You must do what has never been done before, win. Your life depends on it.

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Arch Wing delivers what can only be described as full on, super high speed action. The thrill of traveling so fast combined with the standard shooter combat delivers a totally unique experience.

Arch Wing is a fast paced, full blown action shooter in which reaction and skill are of paramount importance. You must pilot your way through an asteroid filled, enemy plagued worm hole at super high velocity whilst blasting your foe into oblivion. Arch Wing boasts a high quality DirectX 3D engine, combining advanced visual effects to create stunning astral scenery.

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