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Invader Worm Game

Start exercising your wrist muscles - Invader Worm will put your mouse and joystick using stamina the test!

Start exercising your wrist muscles - Invader Worm will put your mouse and joystick using stamina the test. Stunning Fruit and Texture graphics bring the action to vivid life, while super/power-ups abount to help or hurt.

Invader Worm Download

Free Download Invader Worm Game

Game features:
  • 3 Different Level Types - Ground, Tree, Fruit Levels
  • 2 Game Mode Types - Normal and Timer Mode
  • Total 48 Levels
  • Local HighScore Tracking
  • Online HighScore Tracking to see who is the real invader!
  • Full Screen Support
  • Play Levels with Joystick
  • Play With Male or Female Worms

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Free Invader Worm Game

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