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Mirror Magic Deluxe Game

Can you spot the five differences in each mirror image?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what's the most magical game of all? Mirror Magic! The vain Grendoline has magically locked the villagers up in mirrors. Help Iris to set her family and her village free. Find all differences in all the mirrors, before it's too late! But be careful! Rain, fog and poor light will hinder you. Your eyes and nerves will be put to the ultimate test!

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Captain828's Review - ADDICTIVE !!! This is a very nice, relaxing game, that will surely keep you playing for hours. Despite it being a 2D game, the graphics are great, with realistic lighting, shadows, weather effects and picture morph. The sound is relaxing and well selected, but, once you've played enough, you'll see that it is repetetive. The gameplay is excellent and is different from similar games, you are shown 2 mirrors (in some missions even 3), that have differences and as you put your cursor on a mirror, it appears in the other mirrors, thus enabling you to point out the differences easier. Another great addition to the gameplay is the picture "degradation", which makes colors fade, making it harder to destinguish them, and weather effects such as fog and rain. Overall, this is a great game and I recommend you should (at least) try it.

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