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Supernova Galactic Wars Game

Combining the strategy of chess with the classic arcade shoot'em up: Supernova: Galactic Wars!

Choose your side: the evil Red Legion with her charismatic leader Tanja or the mystic Blue Army and his Great Council? Every side has 10 unique ships, for a total of 20 ships available for you to control. Each ship has up to 3 different types of fire for a total of 26 different weapons!

Supernova Galactic Wars Download

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Featuring Story Mode game and Quickbattle. In Story Mode you'll lead your faction to the conquest of the galaxy, destroying the opposition. In Quickbattle you'll be able to setup a custom match choosing from 5 different maps (each one with different playing strategy) and build your own fleet ship to ship.

But how is the game played? Easy, you can move your ships on the battlefield like a chess game, and when 2 ships move in the same spot the arcade fun starts! You'll be able to fight against the other ship in realtime, using arrow keys to move and 1,2,3 or Z,X,C keys to shoot!

The demo allows you to play up to 3 missions for both sides and to setup Quickbattles with only 150 credits available and using only the smallest ship.

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