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Xtreme Tankz Madness 2 Game

Those small spiteful tanks have gone completely mad!

What would it take to stop'em? Fight fire with fire - take control of another small mad tank! Start-up the engines, reload the weapons and let the insane combat begin!

Xtreme Tankz Madness 2 Download

Free Download Xtreme Tankz Madness 2 Game

But be careful! There are more than 80 levels in 4 different environments, loaded with hordes of enemy tanks! Your enemies are numerous and smart: they can follow you until you find a way to hide from them, they can flee when damaged to repair themselves at their bases, they have large arsenal of deadly special weapons like mines and shockwaves. Every level is very interactive and has lots of strategic locations like Radars and Stealth Places that can be extremely useful to you! But remember that those little bastards can use these locations, too! And of course, there are lots of original bonuses and power-ups to collect on each level!

In arcade mode you can upgrade your tank during the battle!
There are 5 different tanks at your disposal. Each has a primary weapon with unlimited ammunition that can be used for standard and plunging fire, and a special weapon (like Minigun or Rockets). During the game you'll be able to upgrade you tank's speed, armor and weapon systems.

You can play 3 game modes: Campaign - conquer all the levels to get access to the most powerful tanks, Arcade - take part in worldwide competition and get into World's Maddest Tankmen List, Skirmish - customize all battle conditions, perfect for practicing.

So, the war is declared and the battle is about to begin...

Full Version Features:
  • 3 original game types
  • 5 tanks to control
  • 13 enemy tank types
  • Joystick support
  • 4 different environments: Jungle, Arctic, Wasteland and Desert
  • Over 80 battle arenas
  • 5 systems of player's tank are upgradeable, each with 10 levels of upgrade
  • 10 original bonuses and power-ups
  • Advanced enemy A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) - each enemy tank type has its own tactics and tricks
  • Sweet graphics with lots of special effects: 3D-axelerated alpha-blended explosions and shockwaves. Fancy particles' effects
  • XTM2 Highscores Updater - free online service for competing with other players worldwide
  • Original soundtrack
  • Tons of pure arcade fun!

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Rania, Thursday, 08th of November 2012, 06:01 AM, #1
I purchased this dvicee to easily connect another monitor to my PC. The second monitor had a VGA plug, but as the SEE2 Extreme came with an adapter plug I thought that there would be no problems??? I installed the software a long process, which took several tries as it was not recognised, then the second monitor was not recognised. I uninstalled and re-installed a few times and still had problems. I went to the Tritton website to find some help. This site wasnt the easiest to navigate, and no good advice to solve my issues. I did contact Tritton through the site but NO response. Eventually I tried a download driver for another more basic model, the See2 USB SVGA adapter and with this I had better luck at least it recognised the 2nd monitor. This was after a couple of installs and plugging the dvicee in and out a few times. I now have the second monitor working, BUT whenever the PC goes into sleep mode, or after a reboot, I have to reset the display settings again so that the second monitor is at the same resolution as the main monitor. Eventually got the monitor to work without altering displays, but later on it caused more problems with the entire display blacking out. For a dvicee that is almost $90 I would have expected it to work straight out of the box without all the installation difficulties that I had. To make matters worse no response from Tritton. The company needs to revise the software issues. I would not recommend this product until it is easier to install. I am still waiting for a response from Tritton not a good advertisement for their products. After many more problems, wasted time in trying to uninstall, reinstall, trying to contact tech support- again with no response, and not getting the dvicee to work I have finally given up. I am purchasing another dvicee. This is a waste of time and money
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