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Pizza Chef HD iPad Game Download

Download Pizza Chef HD iPad game

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Pizza Chef is a perfect combination of a time management game and a puzzle - you need to move the elements on the playing field so that they are in rows of three or more and turn on the cooking stoves. Then all you will have to do is to place diversely shaped dishes on the working stoves to cook them. If you do everything quickly, the clients will be happy and they will leave large tips. There are plenty of mouth-watering dishes that you can buy and add to your menu. You will learn about other ways to attract clients, as the game is packed with mind-blowing gadgets making the process of the game unforgettable.
Like a lovingly prepared dish, Pizza Chef consists of well-chosen ingredients: an enticing plot, beautiful artwork and captivating gameplay. You will never have enough of this treat of a game! Waste no more time - fling yourself into a cooking frenzy!

-Innovative gameplay!
-Mind-challenging mini-games.
-Awesome bonuses and upgrades.
-A lot of levels in 5 restaurants

Languages: English, French, German, Holland, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

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iPad Pizza Chef HD Game Download

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Swetha, Tuesday, 05th of November 2013, 06:21 PM, #3
Hi Rollyboy, good point! That's probbaly why many buteffs are doing made-to-order dishes now. The quality of the food at the moment of consumption is better, plus wastage is minimized. I prefer that method myself. Many thanks for stopping by and posting the comment.
Anto, Friday, 01st of November 2013, 06:06 PM, #2
Hey JB, the common proeblm with buffets is that the food is constantly being heated by those whatchamacallit under the trays, which of course overcooks the food! The kare kare meat may not have been tough right after it was cooked, especially if it's a premium cut of beef, but I bet it got tougher while sitting in the tray as it overcooked.
buy oem software, Sunday, 12th of February 2012, 02:00 PM, #1
q7o9RE Every time I come back here again and don`t get disappointed..!
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