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Start otherworldly mission applying match-3 skills to free the essences of some mighty Egyptian gods!

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Luxor 3, one more super hit in this breathtaking series, invites you to take part in otherworldly mission applying match-3 skills to conquer god of Chaos who has thirst for power. Liberate other Egyptian gods’ spirits to put an end to the procession of coming spheres until they arrive at the pyramid as a final point of the path. If this happens everything is eternally lost! 7 exceptional game modes for you to enjoy and unlockable power-ups with ball sets, shooters! Fight for Everlasting Afterlife Has Started with Luxor 3!

Luxor 3 Mac Game Features:
  • 7 exceptional game modes for you to enjoy!
  • Exhilarating Ball Sets And Shooters You Will Try To Unlock!
  • Power-Ups Which Can Be Upgraded!
  • Over 140 Tense Levels!

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