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Annie's Millions Game

Do you have any problem with spending one million dollars?

Annie's Millions Game Download

Free Download Annie's Millions Game

Do you have any problem with spending one million dollars? Go for a million-dollar cool shopping binge and reveal in Annie's Million's exciting hide-and-seek-object opportunities! Share with Annie your experience and your vision how to spend a million dollars quickly and more clever than any of her cousins in a weeklong spree provided by her Uncle. She has an opportunity to become heir to her uncle; by the way his fortune is huge! But Annie has to win. Only you can help Annie chase and find all the items mentioned on her shopping list. Don’t be lost among numerous shops, play original mini-games to get useful tips, and confirm she is worthy of the fortune of her uncle!

Annie's Millions Game Features:
  • Find for hidden objects on a shopping binge
  • Play original mini-games to get useful tips

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