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Guide Bob to safety as he sleepwalks through the city. Control his subconscious guardian, Subob, as the pair travel through a surreal dream world.

Back to Bed is an artistic 3D puzzle game with a surreal twist. It tells the story of Bob, an unlucky narcoleptic with a tendency of falling asleep in his boring office and then proceeding to sleepwalk into the dangers of the big city. Luckily, Bob has a subconscious guardian named Subob, whose job is to protect the sleepwalker from any danger and guide him back to the safety of his bed. The ever vigilant Subob must guide Bob's sleepwalking self on a journey through a series of surreal painting-like cityscapes where the boundary between Bob's dreams and reality have vanished. The result is an artistic dream world that is recognizable, yet totally different from reality. Many things are not what they seem and new dangers lurk as Bob travels deeper into the dream world.

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Back to Bed Game Features:
  • Unique surreal and artistic game universe
  • Unlock nightmare mode for new challenges!
  • Isometric puzzle design
  • Enjoy a picturesque visual style
Back to Bed is an artistic 3D puzzler with a surreal twist.

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