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What's the buzz about Beezzle? That it's the sweetest puzzle game around!

What's the buzz about Beezzle? That it's the sweetest puzzle game around! Your goal: help a hive of honeybees raise their young. Each stage consists of a honeycomb packed with different colors of nectar. In Beezzle's brain-teasing Puzzle Mode, you must turn one or more pupae into adult workers by guiding them to the honey they need to grow. You help the young insects reach the wholesome nourishment by swapping them with adjacent nectar drops and creating matches of three or more objects of the same color.

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In Beezzle's mouth-watering Action Mode, you must first create and then gather a specific number of honey candies. As you match drops of nectar, a status bar fills with honey. When it's full, you create a piece of candy that must be included in a match before times runs out.

Bursting with color, dripping with charm and packed with inventive games, Beezzle can take the sting out of a dull day!

Game features:
  • Incredibly engaging gameplay that never gets old!
  • 3 game modes
  • 300 challenging levels
  • 11 types of bonuses and special nectar drops
  • 19 unique awards
  • Choose easy, normal or hard difficulty levels
  • The game automatically saves your progress after each level

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