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Home Designer: Living Room Game

Renovate an empty living room with real world furniture. Find hidden objects, sell off items, and make enough money to fulfill your dreams.

Hazel is helping her aunt with home refurbishment. Sell off the old stuff and renovate the empty living room with real world furniture and design the room of your dreams! Offering tons of Hidden Object modes: Picture, Word, Silhouette, Spot the Difference, and many more! Play a variety of brand new minigames like Match-3, Card Memory, Jigsaw Puzzles, or skip them if you're not in the mood.

Home Designer: Living Room Download

Free Download Home Designer: Living Room Game

Home Designer: Living Room Game Features:
  • More than 150 choices of furniture
  • Get useful design tips in the game
  • Hidden Objects in more than 15 different ways
  • 5 different mini-games, including Match-3
Design the living room of your dreams!

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Free Home Designer: Living Room Game

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