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Queen's Garden Game

In this exciting match-3 game, you've been called upon by the Queen to cultivate the biggest garden ever. Are you up to the task?

In a barren kingdom set atop a hillThere lived a king and queen, who likely live there stillThe king was a caring man who loved to please his queenHis plan was to grow a garden bigger than there had ever beenYou will cultivate a sea of bloom; fill the air with the breath of roses From barren land to blossom: a sweet bouquet to royal noses A perennial job for a seasoned grower: a garden for royalty Apply within to serve the queen and be ever rewarded for your loyalty!

Queen's Garden Download

Free Download Queen's Garden Game

Queen's Garden Game Features:
  • 100 Challenging match-3 levels
  • Play relaxed, timed and move restricted mode!
  • 60 garden decorations to choose from
  • Several hidden object scenes and memory games as bonus
Create the biggest garden ever in this match-3 adventure!

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